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Submitted on
August 16, 2012


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If you have got a problem with someone's art keep it to yourself. Unless meant to be constructive and supportive, you should shut the f#ck up. Some people on this site do what they do for business. For others it's a way of life and a means of expressing that life. To some, it's all they have, and when someone disrespects a persons art, you disrespect that person, their hobby/life and the experiences and people that have helped make that person who they are. For those on their high horses, and consider themselves, "professionals," there's no such thing. Just remember that somewhere in the world, there was, there is, or there will be someone better than you. There is no such thing as perfection in this world. Nothing is perfect, not even the art you consider perfect. Everything and everyone is flawed, we can't know what perfection is. If you think that you, or a piece of work is genuinely perfect, you are far from perfect.  

You have no right to break down that will and determination that allows people the desire to reach their personal goal and reach the best they can be, through your pitiful words, and attitude toward art in general. It doesn't matter how "good" or "bad" a persons piece of work is, in your opinion. Thats why they call it your "f#ckin OPINION." If you tell someone to stop posting their art, creating art, your denying that freedom of expression, and the same freedom of opinion that you also have.  


Many people don't care what you have to say, and will continue to be themselves, and do what they love. Many people do care what others say, seeking support, and to have people believe in them, and what they are doing is good.

For others this is all they have.

So I say this......................R    E  S   P  E  C  T
you all know the word? many actually don't obviously.

Let me educate you on the numerous definitions of the word:

R esponsibility
E quality
S ensitivity
P eace
C ommunity
T rust

R egard
E steem
S pare
P raise
E ndorse
C onsideration
T houghtfulness

R everence
E steem
S ympathy
P oliteness
E mpathy
C ompassion
T olerance

I just hope people will learn to respect art, and each other. That is all.....

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Kirdein Aug 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Amen! I had my youngest brother join deviant half a year ago because he had interest in photography. He does odd and strange things but all his pictures talk about him and his personal issues. I love his work and often am blown away by certain pictures. But sadly and almost every week some moron comes to his account and starts taking away his motivation and criticizing his work. They can’t even take a moment to look further into the meaning of what he is doing. I have been carefully and secretly been watching this happen at his account for far too long. Every time this happens I have seen him put away his camera and look defeated for days. Recently I was so offended by another deviant who commented and insulted him that I did everything in my reach to have him banned for being so abusive and rude. Turned out to be easy seeing he was actually a "deviant bully" and yes there is such a thing here. I personally don’t tolerate them.
Pappaprime Aug 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
My goodness, that is just wrong. I'm sorry to hear that, that is just not right. I have recently had a similar thing happen to me. Photography is a great medium, and I hope your brother continues expressing himself through it. It is just not right for people to do what happened to your brother, and a proves the point about the abuse some people create against others. I just hope more people will become aware of this issue, and some how ultimately end this. Thank you for your input.
JadeofAllTrades Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[and when someone disrespects a persons art, you disrespect that person, their hobby/life and the experiences and people that have helped make that person who they are. ] :nod: So true.

This whole rant is true. haha.

Pappaprime Aug 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thank you, glad you agree
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